71/4″ Driving Trolley with many Extras.(SOLD)

This Four Foot Driving Trolley is based on an Abbots chassis with the rear third of the body made into a five gallon water tank. Braking is provided by a P.N.P. 12volt vacuum pump and fittings. There are changeover valves allowing the system to be operated by the Loco Ejector if preferred. A hand brake is provided for safety while loading and unloading. The Control Panel has a Water Gauge, Speedo, Vacuum Gauge, Two Water Control Valves, 12volt Socket For A Blower, Vacuum Dump Valve and a Voltmeter for you to keep a check on the battery charge level. At the front is a coal hopper with a dust extraction point at the bottom.

To purchase all this today excluding the build time would cost in excess of £1,650! This is at a bargain price of £950.00!!!